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Everyone has heard of the free commission stock trading app known as Robinhood. Well, there are other apps out there worth looking into and Webull is one of them.

Webull has the best research and analysis tools of all the free brokers. It’s paper trading capability and real time market data make it a stand out for sure from the competition.

Webull launched its commission free trading app in May 2018. Before this, they were mostly used as a research platform giving real time data on the stock market and providing some of the best tools for helping investors prepare for online stock trading.

Now they offer one of the most professional investment apps built for online stock trading and provide it free of charge with no membership costs, no commission fees and no data fees.

After reading this comprehensive Webull Review, you’ll know what Webull can offer you in terms of trading stocks and have all the information necessary to determine if this is an app you’ll want to add to your trading arsenal.

Inside Webull – Inside a Real Account

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What Platforms Support Webull?locations in the world

Currently Webull can be downloaded at the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play store. Their mobile apps are where you can utilize the majority of the features that I am reviewing below. I have downloaded it on my iPhone and the platform works very smoothly.

Note: I’d love to hear the experience from someone that has the Android app. Please leave a comment below if you have downloaded the android app to share your experience with the group.

They also have a Windows, MacOS and Web App which I really enjoy for a trading platform. Trading, using technical analysis is very easy and intuitive on their desktop apps and I actually enjoy the larger charts for technical analysis better than using the mobile app when I am by my computer.

What Can Be Traded with Webull?

What makes Webull unique and standout from the competition is their huge suite of research and analysis tools for the markets and stocks. I mean, I was blown away when I first saw how much data and information was provided on this app.

Securities that Can Be Traded

Currently Webull supports the trading of over 5000 Stocks and ETFs in the United States. You can not trade options, mutual funds or bonds as of now.

Order Types

They also support the following order types:

  • Market Orders
  • Limit Orders
  • Stop Orders
  • Stop Limit Orders

Each order can be made with the option to have the trade expire at the end of the day (Day Order) or until cancelled (GTC) to ensure you get your trade to execute under your conditions. This gives you the flexibility to ensure you never miss out on a trade and it also protects you from forgetting about orders you placed in the past if they would have taken several days or weeks to fill.

One thing that I found very helpful and it happens to be an advanced feature, is that you can program your trade to utilize a Stop Loss and Take Profit action. This prevents you from losing more than you are prepared to lose if you are away from your app as well as ensures if your price target is met, the order closes and you don’t lose profits as well.

Extended Hours

extended hours

Webull offers extended hours trading which means that when the market is closed for the general public you will be able to make trades. The normal hours of the Stock Exchanges are 9:30am – 4:00pm EST. The extended hours that Webull allows for trading are as follows:

  • Premarket 4:00am – 9:30am EST
  • Aftermarket 4:00pm – 8:00pm EST

This is a pretty big benefit and a lot of brokerages do not allow trading in these time frames without paying a fee.

Many companies announce their earnings before the markets open or after they close so in extended hours you can take advantage of these press releases before everyone else!

That’s the power of extended hours trading.

Day Trading?

You can make 3 day trades within any 5 consecutive business day period (including pre-market and aftermarket). This is the same for all brokerages and is regulated outside of Webull.

If you have an account with a balance greater than $25,000; however, you can day trade unlimited on Webull. It has all of the tools necessary and the charting on the desktop apps are very intuitive and easy to navigate with 25 indicators.

That being said, there are better broker dealers that I would recommend for day trading such as TDAmeritrade or Interactive Brokers because they offer the fastest in charting capability and order execution every second counts when you are trading at the speed of a day trader.

Personally, I find this app ideal for swing trading and position trading which falls right in line with my trading style. That being said though

What Types of Accounts Can You Open?

Webull offers Cash Accounts and Margin Accounts. Cash accounts DO NOT require a minimum deposit.

In order to open a Margin Account you will need to initially have a balance of at least $2,000.

Margin accounts allow you trade on margin which means you can make trades without having the funds deposited in your account. This is allowed because Webull loans you the capital to make the trade as long as you pay the margin fee. Margin Fees are as follows:

Webull Margin Rates

Margin trading on Webull is very straight forward in regards to fees but I would caution beginner investors from trading on margin because you can find yourself owing Webull a lot of money if you make a bad trade and don’t have enough money in.

Even though Webull charges $0 commissions on all trades, it should be noted that standard SEC and FINRA fees may apply. These are fees that apply to all brokerages and come from outside entities. No brokerage can waive these fees although they are generally negligible and so small, you may not even notice them.

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Webull Research and Analysis Tools

This is the most exciting feature Webull offers in my opinion. What separates Webull from its competition, is its incredible resources for investors. Webull offers a range of tools designed to help screen, analyze and research stocks.

Paper Tradingbriefcase full of money

If you ever wanted to try an investing strategy but were afraid to put your money on the table, now you can! Webull offers paper trading which means that they have a simulator built into the app that allows you to trade “fake money.”

Webull starts you out with $1,000,000 to invest. If you lose it all or want to start over, simply reset the account with the click of a button and try again.

This allows you try various strategies risk free and is an amazing resource.

A lot of big brokerages offer this. The fact that a brokerage that offers zero-commissions put the money into building this kind of tool is a tribute to their commitment to being the best brokerage out there.

Use Screeners to Find the Perfect Stock

Webull ScreenersScreeners allow you to build a filter based on the exact criteria you are looking for in a stock. You can sort stocks by regions, exchanges or market sectors such as NYSE technology stocks as one example.

You can also sort by Quote Indicators which will show you P/E ratio, Price, Volume, Market Cap and more.

Sorting by dividend yield, EPS (earnings per share), and dividends is also available.

Do you want to buy stocks that meet a particular Technical Indicator? There’s a way to screen for that as well. Set a screener for RSI, MACD, Three White Soldiers, and many others.

Of course, you can even sort stocks based on Analyst Ratings if you want to leave the heavy lifting for someone else.

For an example, if you want to find stocks on the NYSE that are in the financial sector and have a P/E ratio between 5 and 15 and also pay an annual dividend of at least 5%, its as easy as clicking a few squares.

Once you hit save, all the stocks that meet the criteria you chose will be listed for you.

Browse Stocks Based on Broad Categoriesbrowse stocks

You can also browse stocks by the Hottest Industries, Hottest Stocks, Hottest ETFs, Most Active, Top Gainers, and Top Losers.

By browsing these simple categories, you can identify stocks that have recently made big moves and you can look for opportunities to buy in or cash out profits!

These categories are easy to browse and are constantly updated to ensure you are receiving the latest and greatest in what’s trending now!

The option to see the latest and upcoming IPOs is available so you always know when new companies go public and can accept investors.

At the Earnings Center, you can see which companies are about to report earnings so you never lose sight of when a company you own or are pursuing may take a swing in price as a result of their report.

Finding stocks to invest in has never been easier. Webull just release their latest app update which means that you are getting the latest in their advanced platform.

Charting and Trading Integrated Seamlessly

With the latest update to their app, you can now analyze graphs and with the press of a single button in the corner of the graphing screen, enter or exit a trade.

This means that if you are waiting for a specific signal to occur and it finally does, you won’t miss the trade. Simply click trade and submit the order in a matter of seconds.

This is a huge feature for technical traders that use candlesticks. They also offer 25 indicators to give any experienced trader the ability to analyze stocks in accordance with their trading style.

Is My Money Secure and Safe?

Webull is a member of the SIPC. The SIPC protects up to $500,000 in securities such as stocks and bonds ($250,000 limit on cash).

In addition to this though, Webull is protected by an additional insurance policy to insure an aggregate amount of $150 million dollars (up to $37.5 million per customer for securities and up $900,000 in cash).

Takeaways from this Webull Reviewwebull review take aways

Before we show the scorecard below, let’s discuss the simple take aways. Webull offers an incredible suite of research tools and analytic tools for investors to use in order to make the best trades.

Webull’s new interface makes trading lightening fast and integrates seamlessly with the graphing charts.

The vision of Webull is simple: giving everyone the tools to trade with zero membership fees and zero commission fees.

The only downside is that you can not trade mutual funds, bonds, crypto currencies, or options at this time. They have plans to continuously roll out new features in the upcoming months. In the meantime, if you are interested in trading cryptocurrency and options for free, check out this full Robinhood Review.

I think this is one of the best apps for trading stocks on the market today. I have recently begun moving more of my money into this platform. Once they roll out the ability to trade options, I will probably move even more over to their platform.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If so, please leave me any comments or questions below. I’d love to hear from you. Also, if you can think of someone else that may benefit from this review, please don’t forget to share it with them!

As always, Let’s Start Investing!

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Webull App


Signup Process


Ease of Use




Training Available





  • Zero-Commission Fee Trading
  • Paper Trading available to practice without risking actual capital
  • Intuitive and Extensive Screener Tool
  • Excellent Analysis and Research Tools
  • Great Referral Program to get Free Stocks


  • Doesn't allow for trading mutual funds, options, crypto-currencies or bonds
  • No web-based platform

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    I enjoyed reading your reviews on webull. It’s my first time of knowing about webull and it’s really good to know about such free commission stock trade application. You mentioned in your reviews that it is currently available in US, Philippines, India, Korea and Malaysia. How can countries from another country make use of this and secondly are there other charges involved in using this stock trade application? Thanks 

    • The countries listed have support to open accounts with Webull and trade among the same 5000 US stocks and ETFs that US citizens can trade. The app is free to use and there are no trade fees so you can buy and sell stocks for free!

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    • Hi and thanks for reading the article. Robinhood and Matador are only in the US because that is where they started and they are fairly new companies. Once they are more established, they may offer their service in other countries. Each country has a ton of legal processes to offer brokerage services so it takes time to get approval for foreign accounts.

      I think you may have mixed up a couple concepts. Options is a very different investing vehicle. With options, you are trading contracts that offer the right to buy and sell 100 shares of stock for a predetermined price. You aren’t selling the shares, only the “option” to buy or sell stocks.

      This article focuses more on stocks since Robinhood is the only brokerage that allows options trading. With stock purchasing, you can invest in any company you want with your money that you deposit in the account. If you have a “Margin” account, you can trade on borrowed money like you said but will have more risk and pay margin fees for the time you are using borrowed money. 

      I hope that helped! I will be writing s post soon on Options, so stay tuned!

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    if possible then you can show us how we can do it. i recomend you showing us (the people who have no clue at all) a step by step guide of how we can do it 

    • Great question! The $2000 minimum is only for opening s margin account ehich allows you to trade with borrowed money from Webull. If you only want to trade your own money which a lot of investors do, you can open a cash account with no minimum deposit!

  10. Thank you for sharing this great review about Webull financial.

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    I will download this app and give it a try and hopefully to start investing on the trade market.

    • Glad you liked the review. Like you said, trading paper money is a great way to start without risking your own money. Once you feel comfortable, you can jump in and start investing. 

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  12. Hi Eric,very interesting review of Webull financial opportunity. The concept of online stock trading which is free of charges and with no commision fees, is very excelent. I also like the idea of trading in time of extended hours.The tool for browsing stocks seem very useful. Do you think it takes much time to know this system of trading to get some results?Thanks for sharing with us!

    • It is very easy to learn. As far as results go, it depends on your research and investing goals. The market is not predictable so sometimes your balance will rise and other times it may fall. If you have a portfolio that is spread out across a lot of strong companies, your risk will be reduced. For me, I have about 4 stocks that are below where I bought them and about 15 that are higher.

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