Learn How to Read the Stock Charts

When you first look at stock charts, they can seem a little overwhelming. After all, there is so much to look at. After reading this in depth article, you will know how to read stock charts and how to use that knowledge to determine trends and understand market sentiment. I am going to show you … Keep Reading

How to Compare a Dividend vs Interest


I often hear these two terms used interchangeably but they have very different meanings. What I’d like to do is clear the air. After reading this, you will see the difference between a dividend vs interest. Defining Dividends and Interest Dividends are a sum of money paid by a company to its shareholders regularly as … Keep Reading

Learn the Basics of the Stock Market

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How to Find Stocks to Invest In

So you’ve determined that you want to purchase some stock but have no idea what makes a company worthy of your investment. How do you choose among thousands of companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange alone? Well, rest assured, with these simple brainstorming tactics, you’ll at least have a place to … Keep Reading

Why Should I Invest Stocks? – 3 Reasons

I was talking about the stock market with a few friends from work. We all have various different stocks and periodically discuss how they are doing and get ideas from one another about different equities and ticker symbols. Well one of the guys that just started working with us asked, “Why should I invest stocks?” … Keep Reading