How Do Free Investment Apps Make Money?

stick man asking how do free investment apps make money

When I first started investing, I signed up for a premium brokerage called Scottrade. I chose them because they had the lowest trade commissions out of all of their competitors. They were a solid brokerage and I loved their platform. They were eventually bought out by TD Ameritrade and that’s where a lot of money … Keep Reading

Learn How to Read the Stock Charts

When you first look at stock charts, they can seem a little overwhelming. After all, there is so much to look at. After reading this in depth article, you will know how to read stock charts and how to use that knowledge to determine trends and understand market sentiment. I am going to show you … Keep Reading

How to Compare a Dividend vs Interest


I often hear these two terms used interchangeably but they have very different meanings. What I’d like to do is clear the air. After reading this, you will see the difference between a dividend vs interest. Defining Dividends and Interest Dividends are a sum of money paid by a company to its shareholders regularly as … Keep Reading

Learn the Basics of the Stock Market

Before you can start buying and selling stocks, it’s important to learn the basics. What exactly is stock? What is some common terminology in the stock market? What makes the price of stock rise and fall? These seemingly simple questions will be answered by the time you finish reading this. I want to make sure … Keep Reading