How to Find Stocks to Invest In

So you’ve determined that you want to purchase some stock but have no idea what makes a company worthy of your investment. How do you choose among thousands of companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange alone? Well, rest assured, with these simple brainstorming tactics, you’ll at least have a place to … Keep Reading

Why Should I Invest Stocks? – 3 Reasons

I was talking about the stock market with a few friends from work. We all have various different stocks and periodically discuss how they are doing and get ideas from one another about different equities and ticker symbols. Well one of the guys that just started working with us asked, “Why should I invest stocks?” … Keep Reading

How to Invest in a Bear Market – 5 Strategies

invest in a bear market

Everyone loves investing when there is a Bull Market. Stock prices keep climbing and climbing so people are comfortable buying at any time with the expectation that stock prices will continue to rally. As long as the Bull Market continues, stock investors continue to buy. What happens though when the market makes a turn that’s … Keep Reading

4 Tips to the Best Investment Portfolio

tips for the best investment portfolio

Building an investment portfolio can be quite a challenge. After all, there is a lot that goes into determining what the right portfolio is for you. What I’ve done below is written out 4 tips that I think will help lead you to the best investment portfolio. Come Up With Your Goals Investing relies heavily … Keep Reading

Stock Investing For Dummies Review

When I first started investing in stocks, this is one of the first books I picked up at the bookstore. Everyone has heard of the “… For Dummies” product line so I figured, what better place to start. After reading this Stock Investing for Dummies Review, you will know what’s covered in this book, how … Keep Reading

How to Invest Change

Ever come home after shopping and pull out a pocket full of change? What do you do with that change? Maybe you put it in a drawer for years to come. Maybe you just put it back in your pocket to use later. Most of us don’t have a plan for this change and change … Keep Reading