About Me

Money is one of those concepts we learn very little about in school. School focuses us in on many ideas that will supposedly benefit us later in life such as Math, Languages, Science, and Government as well as other ideas that are more abstract such as History and Literature. We aren’t really taught about that one thing that makes us all get up in the morning to work for.


My name is Eric. I’m 36 years old, have been working since I was 17 and currently have a family of four. I’m extremely passionate about investing and have learned a great deal about what it takes to become financially secure and overall wealthy. I’m by no means rich right now but I have spent a great deal of time learning the hard way what it takes to be successful with money.

I’m currently in the military about 4 years from retirement. Once that’s over, I will probably get another job and continue building wealth. I have a retirement account set up, a pension that starts the day after I retire from the military, a portfolio of stocks, a home that I’m paying off, and I trade options part time. I don’t plan on working till I’m 65 and if I continue on the path I’m on, I should be able to retire much sooner.


First and foremost, I’m building this site to help people like you avoid the same pitfalls I’ve fallen into along the way in this journey. I want to share some things I’ve done right towards investing; but, I also want to show you all the things I’ve done wrong. In doing this, I will save you a lot of headaches and more importantly money.

Secondly, to be honest, this site will help me stay focused as well, so that I continue practicing good habits and remember to avoid bad habits. Although I know a great deal of what I already plan to write on this site, some topics will take some research which will benefit you as a reader but also expand on my own knowledge.

And lastly, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I mean for this site to also be part of my income stream as well and assist in growing my own wealth. Throughout the site there may be offers that I honestly think will benefit you in generating and building wealth. Some of these will have my affiliate link attached to them and generate me a small commission if you decide to take action.

Everything that I promote is either something I’ve researched extensively or something I actually use. Feel free to see my investing arsenal to see exactly which ones I am currently using. I only promote things I truly believe in. That’s just the right thing to do.


The ultimate goal of this site is to get you fired up about investing. Whether you have financial goals that are more immediate, are saving for a life event or planning your inevitable retirement, this site will have a wealth of information that you can draw upon. I will constantly be adding content to this site so there continues to be fresh and relevant information at your fingertips.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions as a result of what you have read here, don’t hesitate to reach out. I reply to all of my own emails and would love to help you achieve your goals.

All the best,

Now let’s start investing!