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Matador (now called Public) is a new company that offers commission-free stock trading. They started in 2018 and are currently available on the iPhone. An app is in the works for Android and there is a waiting list so you can know when it is available.

Our review shows that what makes Matador stand out is the social nature of the app. You can share your stock picks with others and see what they are buying and selling. The community nature of Matador makes investing more enjoyable as well as helps validate your choices.

Matador is an app that I downloaded about 3 weeks ago and I wanted to give you guys a full review of it. After reading this extensive Matador App Review, you’ll be able to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if Matador is a weapon you want to include in your investing arsenal.

What is the Matador App?

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In short, Matador is a mobile app that allows you to trade over 5000 US stocks and ETFs with no fees. You don’t have to pay trade commissions to buy or sell stocks or ETFs and you don’t have to pay to deposit or withdraw your money.

What makes Matador unique is that it has a very social focus. You can see what your friends have invested in and share what you are investing in. Also, you can see what the Matador community is investing with as a whole. This gives you the opportunity to learn from your friends and the community.

It also lets you invest together with friends which is different from other platforms.

Join below and you will receive $20 when you link your account to a bank and make your first deposit!

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What Makes Matador Unique?Matador is social - people laughing together

When you choose Matador, you are choosing the community. What separates Matador from the rest is that you get to link up to friends and see what they are investing in.

Think of it like Twitter for investing. You can see what stocks your friend invested in and comment on their feed about it and discuss the trade. You can also see when they purchase new stocks and when they sell them.

They can also comment on your feed so there is a social media aspect to it.

In addition to this, Matador shows you what the entire community is investing in. When you look at a stock, Matador will tell you what percentage of the community is investing in the same stock so you know if you are among other investors or going it alone.

Take Me Inside Matador!

I can write all day but seeing it firsthand will give you the best idea of what Matador is all about. Watch hereOpens in a new tab. or below as I take you straight inside!

Exploring Stocks in a Fresh FashionExplore Stocks in the Matador App

A lot of apps have the ability to browse categories and tags when you are searching for stocks to potentially invest in. Matador takes a fresh take on this and separates stocks into “Themes”.

Each theme has many choices to choose from depending on your investment goals!

Check out “New Kids on the Block” to find stocks that are new to the stock exchange.

Interested in the same stocks Warren Buffett invests in? Check out the Buffett theme for companies that make up his company portfolio.

Maybe you want to invest in some new tech such as Self Driving Cars? There’s a theme for that too!

There really is something for everyone when it comes to this format.

Other themes are to consider are “Girl Power” for stocks that headed by and catered to women, “Vegas, Baby” where whatever happens in this theme, stays in this theme, and “Race to Space” where…well, you get the idea!

These categories give you the opportunity to uncover hidden gems that you may have never considered before by ensuring they line up with your interests and strategy.

I have found two stocks that I have invested in due to market timing and scanning the category that I thought would likely be affected by events in the news. This type of swing trading is very popular and Matador really does make it easy.

Matador’s Stock Analysis Features

Obviously, if your making investment decisions, you want to know as much about a company as possible. Matador, doesn’t offer as much in means of analysis and technical information as other free brokerages like Robinhood and Webull. They do offer their own unique set of features though. stocks owned by community and your circles

Once you choose a stock to learn about, you’ll see who in your circles currently owns the stock as well as how much of Matador’s community (by percentage) is investing in it.

You’ll see what themes the stock resides in. Next, you’ll see how their earnings have performed over the last year by quarter. Matador shows the Expected Earnings next to the Actual Earnings so it is clear if they are meeting or beating their projections.

There is a schedule of events listed which shows when their earnings announcements are going to be. Stats will then be posted that give you the basics in terms of price, volume, market cap, P/E ratio and more.

Lastly, Matador shows you what Wall StreetOpens in a new tab.?thinks about it. Is it a strong buy, buy, hold, underperform or sell?

Although it doesn’t offer a lot of the fundamental and technical analysis found in other apps, it’s social and simple approach prevents new investors from over-complicating their investing decisions so it’s more approachable and less daunting.

Is My Money Safe With Matador?

This is a question that everyone should ask when considering placing their money into an online app or site. After all, nobody cares about the safety of your money more than you!

In short, it is absolutely safe. They offer their brokerage service from T3 Securities Inc. which is broker that is regulated by FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). This ensures your money is handled properly and with the most current regulations.

In addition to this, they are a member of SIPC (the Securities Investor Protection Corporation) which protects your account up to $500,000 in securities (ie. stocks and bonds) and up to $250,000 cash.

These two organizations are a must in any service you choose to use and if you don?t see one of these, you should investigate it more.

Make Money with Matador!

$20 to invite friendsWant to make a little extra money to add to your investing account? Since Matador is a newer company, they are offering a free slice of stock valued up to $50 to each person that refers someone else to the app.

Not only does the person referring someone else gets a free slice, but the referee also gets a free slice.

That way, everyone wins! Matador gets more users, the referrer gets a little extra money and the referee gets a jump start in their investing account!

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Matador Review Recap

In short, the things I like about Matador is the social sharing of stocks with friends and the community. I also like the simple explore feature that allows you to browse stocks by themes.

I do wish that Matador had the ability to invest in options and that you could do more research. I will keep it though and add some more money to this account for the social aspect and to invest with friends of mine. I also wish this was available on Android but as of now, it’s only available on iPhone.

matador app recap

If you want to trade other investments like options and cryptocurrencies, choose Robinhood. You can read my full Robinhood Review hereOpens in a new tab.. If you prefer an app that geared more to the research and analysis features of stock trading, check out Webull. You can read the full Webull Review hereOpens in a new tab..

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth review. If so or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’d love to hear from you.

If you know anyone that you think would benefit from reading this review, please share this with them.

Thanks for reading! Now, Let’s Start Investing!



Signup Process


Ease of Use




Training Available





  • Zero-Commission Fee Trading
  • Great Referral Program that pays $20 per signup.
  • Outstanding Community
  • You can see what your friends are trading
  • You can comment on your friend's trades


  • You can't trade bonds, mutual funds, options or cryptos
  • Only available in the US
  • Limited Research Tools

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